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Floors & Flatwork

"Flat" is only one characteristic of a good floor, and some floors are not even flat by design. Especially in the case of heavy machinery, a floor can be ruined quickly if the concrete is inadequately prepared and the floor is not engineered and reinforced to the required standards. Special care must be taken when ordering the correct type of cement that composes the concrete, the thickness of the floor, the method of reinforcement, and the finishing process.

From a practical standpoint, the quality of the finish is also important. Certain machinery requires a very, very flat floor. A well-troweled surface will also look better and be much, much easier to maintain.

Wiseman Construction has 40 years of experience that you can rely on to do the job right. We specialize in floors for several types of buildings, including Morton, Cleary, Wick, Stran, American, and Behlen. We also do residential and commercial floors, drives, parking lots, and other basic and specialized flatwork. We'll consider any job, whether big or small, so just ask. If we can't do it, we'll recommend someone who can.

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